Weekly Planner

Well 2018 has started off with a bang! In the past couple weeks into the new year, we have survived the flu! J and Ry (my littlest one) came down with it right after the new year. They are just now starting to feel better! My parents came into town. It was such a fun...

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January 2018 Printable Calendar

Happy New Year! I am so ready for the new year! It was such a rough December. I spent most of it in bed because my back went out. I have a long history with back pain since I was a teenager. I've kept a handle on it with exercise but this December...it went out and it...

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Thankful For Coloring Sheet

  Hello! Can you believe it is already November? The month of October just flew by for me! If you have been following me on Instagram you might have seen that  I've been having a lot of fun experimenting on my Ipad Pro lately.  It makes making coloring sheets or fun...

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Pineapple Cup Decal + Giveaway

Hi Friends! It's Silhouette Challenge day and the challenge this quarter was to create something that reminds you of summer. Well. I needed a new tumbler to take to the pool with me.  One of my friends told me about these Ozark Trail cups that are suppose to be just...

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