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Today, I am really excited to bring you a little behind the scenes of a website that I have recently finished.  I had so much fun on this project! For one, I was able to work with one of my favorite ladies, Erin from Savvy Media Marketing. I also got to work with two amazingly creative ladies, Cheryl and Theresa, from Twin Sisters Interiors.  Finally, I was also able to work locally. I love meeting new clients in person and see the impact they are making in the community.

Before I begin on the design, here is a video created by Erin from Savvy Media Marketing on the Sisters.

I first met Theresa and Cheryl  through Erin. They were looking for a new logo design for their interior design business.  Before, I even met them I took a look at their previous website and social media profiles to get a feel of who they were. Our first meeting was set and I came up with a few proofs for them to look over.


We wanted to incorporate the imagery of the twin somehow in the logo. There tagline being “a reflection of you in every detail”.  They loved the look of the gold dahlia and we decided to split it in the middle to give the reflection look. After a few revisions their final logo looks like this:


I love the script paired with the sans serif font! I also love the reflection of the gold and I think it works so well with their tagline!

Our second meeting had to do with the design of the website. I created this inspiration board for them to look over. I wanted to keep the design light and feminine but incorporate a lot of what they are about. They are a little bit rustic and modern so I wanted it to have that feel. I also wanted it to be inviting and have a bit of artistic flair. Even though their logo is primarily gold and navy, I added the pop of blush and teal to make the overall design standout on the web.


During the website phase, I will work on building and designing the site. Once I feel like the majority of the design is complete I will invite the clients to review. Then we will work together on revising and adding to the site.   After a few revisions here is what the final design looked like.

Untitled design


You can see the full design and visit Twin Sisters Interiors here. I would love for you to visit! Not only do they run a interior design business they are also artists. Cheryl does amazing oil paintings and Theresa makes reclaimed wood art.


This by far has been one of my favorite web designs! I hope this web site will be a great extension for their business and beautiful place where they can showcase their gorgeous projects! It was great working with the sisters and Erin on this one!








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