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I am back with another freebie of the week! I am starting to see a trend in my sayings that I pick for the week. I didn’t set out to pick a quote that really meant anything that was happening personally in my life. As I look back at all the quotes I have done over the month, they actually do relate to something that has happened in the week. This quote is no exception.   I’ve been around a group of people this week that could  use this mantra.  Sometimes you will have people you encounter you may not care for.  That is no reason to be petty.  Instead, throw a little kindness their way.  You may get a little farther with them, than just being plain ol’ rude.


You can find this print for purchase here: Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti 

I have been having a little fun creating wallpapers for desktops! So I made this one into a desktop too!


Download that here:

Throw Kindness Around Wallpaper

Every Friday, I will post a new printable for you to download and enjoy.  The old printable will retire to my Etsy shop. So be sure to check back every Friday for a fun new print for you to print out.

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



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