Earlier this week I got together with a couple of friends and we tried this paint pour trend that is going on right now. It was the first time we had done this and it was really addicting. We left wanting to paint pour everything. It really is a simple craft that anyone can do and would be fun for kids to try this summer. I think the biggest key to this craft is to prepare beforehand. This is a messy project. If you do a little prep beforehand it can make all the difference.

Here is what we used for this:

  • DecoArt Pouring Medium
  • Clear Pouring Topcoat
  • We used six 2 fl oz. bottles of multi-surface paint (you can use however colors you would like).
  • Coasters and Canvases (found at Michael’s)
  • Cups, stirring sticks, gloves, drop pan, drop cloth

Start by pouring your paint in to cups. You will want to add one part paint to one part pouring medium. Do this with every paint color for your project. Then mix. We used small Popsicle sticks but you can use spoons too.

Since we were going to paint small coasters we used small Dixie cups to do the pouring.  All you do is layer your paint on top of each other. We filled the cup over half way full of paint.

Place your coaster over top of the cup and flip over.

Remove the cup and tilt the coaster side to side until you are pleased with the way it looks. Then let your coaster dry for 1000 hours. Just kidding. We placed them in the sun and they were dried by the afternoon.  Then you can add the top coat over top of it.

Here they are! I really love how different each of our coasters turned out. Not one of them was the same. We are calling them “ocean inspired”.

Here is a little video I made showing our process:

Since we were on a roll we decided to cover some canvases too. We thought it would be a neat idea to put vinyl underneath and peel it off so you could read the phrase underneath. BUT….

It didn’t look like we pictured. The paint ran underneath and even though it looks o.k. in the picture below if I were have to do it over again I would just put vinyl on top of the paint.

So here are some takeaways with this project:

  • You will need more paint in your pour cup than you think.  At least fill it up about half way.
  • We didn’t have that much paint and we thought we were going to run out we mixed in a little water to our paints. I think this worked out pretty well!  It didn’t mess with the overall design and made the paint even runnier. We did 4 coasters and three 12 x 12 canvases using six 2 oz. bottles and one 8 oz. pouring medium. Not bad!

Don’t let the prep scare you from trying out this painting method. Once you have everything it really is pretty satisfying pulling that cup up and watching the paint spread out. It would be a great girl’s night craft or even a craft to try out with your kids!

Happy Crafting!

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