I am counting down the days to summer y’all. I feel like we have been running everywhere but soon the days of waking up late and hours at the pool are upon us. I can’t wait.  We have 13 more school days here.   Even though I’ve lived in San Antonio for almost 4 years (wow!) I still feel like I haven’t seen everything or really ventured outside of my little bubble. This summer I am going to create a list so that we can check off those destinations and activities.  I am including the boys in our summer bucket list so I will be compiling a whole slew of suggestions from them. It should be fun.

I definitely work better off a list. If I don’t write something out I will totally forget it.  So if I can stick this sucker on my refrigerator and have it stare me in the face it will remind me of all the fun things we can do that day besides our usual “sit by the pool” days.  Besides half the fun of summer for me is planning all the fun adventures. 😉

Here is a copy if you want to plan out your summer too:

Happy planning.


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