Hi there! I’m Tori!

I wanted an outlet to share my creative projects I do around the house and maybe inspire a few people along the way. I pretty much do it all or maybe tried it all. I love sewing, drawing, re purposing, and decorating. I recently tried my hand a knitting but that will be a work in progress for sure. I don’t see my self as a perfectionist when it comes to crafting at all. To me it’s not about getting it “perfect”.¬† It’s the quirks in a project that gives it some character. ūüôā I also¬†have some real duds and I want to share those with you too.

I’m married to a wonderful man! He makes me laugh everyday and is so supportive of me and all my¬†crazy cute projects¬†I do. He is my BFF for life. He is in the Air Force so we have moved around a bit.¬† We currently call California home and will be moving to Los Angeles at the end of the year.¬† We have a little boy that we have nicknamed B. He is the sweetest and most spirited little toddler. We also have another little boy on the way and he is due in June!¬† So I will be the lone female in a house full of men. (it’s ok they will all love their crazy momma).

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† My sister and I showing off our crafty egg decorating skills¬†(not to mention my permed hair-glasses combo and my sister’s boy hair)¬†We’re sexy and we know it

I have always considered myself crafty. My mom has told me she does not know where I get it from.¬† I think my grandma has been a big influence. I always would watch her sew and she taught me a few things along the way.¬† My grandpa is also a great watercolor painter. I love to look at his work and what his paintbrush creates.¬† So I guess it just skipped a generation ,Mom. When I was younger I went to a few drawing classes or I would do beading.¬†My sister is pretty crafty too.¬†I just picked up sewing over a year ago.¬† I taught myself the basics from reading all those wonderful craft blog tutorials.¬†¬† I grew up in Florida and I miss it terribly.¬† I graduated from the University of Central Florida and I met my husband while I was there.¬† He was on his way to be stationed in Utah so we married in Las Vegas. (best wedding eva.) While in Utah, I taught 2nd grade for¬†about 3¬†years.¬† We then had to move to Santa Maria. Where we are now:) That’s about it!