I wanted to do something special on valentine’s day for some of B’s friends. I was inspired by a post from Lil Blue Boo site found here: Learning to spell beanbag tutorial She has a pretty detailed tutorial on how to put the beanbags together if you need it!

I had a ton of scraps from all kinds of past projects. I thought this would be a perfect way to use them up. I wanted to incorporate valentine’s day somehow so I added a heart beanbag.  I thought having the heart as the target would be a cute and simple addition and it would  turn it into a game.

My beanbags are a bit small. I used a 4 1/2 grid to cut out all the pieces.

Then you paint them up.  I used fabric paint and a stencil I have had for years.

Stitch them together with the right sides facing each other leave a hole for the beans. Then you will flip them out and top stitch around the edges leaving a hole open to pour the beans in.
Then it’s time to fill them up! I put my B to work.  He really helped me until the last bag was stuffed!
After stuffing the first bag we decided to make a makeshift funnel. Oh did it help to speed up the process! It’s just a rolled up piece of paper.
Sew the hole closed!
Then package it up. I used crinkle paper and a cellophane bag. Then I made up these tags, printed them out and tied the bag closed with some twine.  The tags are available for you down below if you want to print out your own.

That’s it! A cute simple and personalized gift for Valentine’s Day!

 Little boy version:)

Here are the tags I made: ValentineTags

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