I needed a place to store all my fabrics! I was running out of room and there are only so many bags I can stuff scraps in before I want to poke my eyes out. So I jumped on Craigslist and found this little dresser for $20 bucks.  I liked all the little details and the legs on it so I jumped at the offer.

Keep in mind I am not a professional at all when it comes to restoring furniture. I’m not even 100 percent sure if I’m actually doing it right 😉 I do know, however, that I loved the outcome of this dresser and it’s held up pretty good! That’s all the matters, right?

But seriously it was in need of a little TLC.  There was like gold paint outlines and it was this dirty ivory color shade. The knobs were hideous and had to go. So after I unloaded it I sanded it down and laid all the pieces out.
I wanted it to have a antique look to it so I painted the dresser a brown first. I used Rust-Oleum Chestnut Brown paint for woods first.  I just slapped the paint on. I didn’t really care if white was still poking through. I only painted a thin layer on it. I didn’t even use half of the can.  Once it dried I painted several layers of the Rust-Oleum White.  I let it dry overnight.  Then I used a paint scrapper and scrapped the tops and corners of the dresser. Remember that brown paint I applied? It is now showing through when you scrap the white off. I just scrapped it where ever I wanted it to look weathered.  Just don’t scrap too hard!
Here is the finished dresser!  I love the knobs from Anthropologie but if you don’t catch them on a sale they are a bit pricey. So I went to eBay and looked for a style of knob that I liked and ordered from there. I so wanted the aqua blue knobs but no one on eBay had them!! I also ordered a few more for the desk that I restored as well. So now I have a matching set of furniture. 
My desk. A garage sale find:)
Love! <3!
Now I have a cute little place to store all my fabric and notions.  Not bad for my first furniture project!

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