YAY!! I am so very excited. I really shouldn’t be THIS excited but I am:) I just completed my first ever knitted hat. This is actually my first completed project ever (in the knitting arts, ha). I only have been practicing rows and rows of nothing. I started knitting back in November. My Mother-in-Law has been kind enough to show me the ropes. She taught me how to do the basic garter stitch, to seam, and how to make a pom-pom.  She tried to show me the purl stitch but that it something I’m still trying to get the hang off.

Now, I love me some baby hats. In my spare time I peruse Etsy and gawk over all the cute little baby hats people make. So I really really had the urge to try to make my own. Armed with my limited knitting skills I tried to find a tutorial that I could accomplish.  I came across this one from M.E.H. Designs. I pretty much followed that tutorial but changed some things along the way.

I wanted to make a cuff for the hat so instead of casting on 14 stitches I casted on 18. This made the hat longer so I could roll it up.

I also used Bernat Satin Yarn in admiral and winter white.

I made my own pom-pom (with the help from my MIL). I didn’t realize how easy it was to do.  Here is how I did it.

I took a old Capri Sun box and made two cardboard circles measuring about

I then wrapped and wrapped and wrapped the yarn through the hole.  Once the center is completely filled with yarn from wrapping you cut around the edges until you see the cardboard.  

You then take some yarn and tie it off (a few times). Pull the card board out and bam you have a pompom.

My pompom is ridicoulsly huge for my hat but I think it will be cute on his little head!!

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P.s .Berroco has some great how-to videos if you ever want to learn to knit or if you get stuck and need help with a technique.

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