I am a calendar jot-it-down kind of girl.  I have the main family calendar, a to-go calendar, a calendar for B’s lessons, and now I’m adding a blog calendar to the mix.  Why do I need all these calendars?? No clue. I wish I could be one of those people that can just type it into my phone and go. But I’m not. I have to SEE it hanging there and I need to write it down (or I will forget). I pretty much have a calendar for everything in my life so why not add a blog one? So I jumped on Pinterest to see if there were any tips or calendars for blog organization.  Here is what I found!

The first one comes from Living Locurto. I really like this one. It’s well organized and lists out the days of the week with plenty of space to jot down ideas. I also like the boxes on the side and the “ideas for next week”.  I’ve been using it this week and love it. Plus it’s pretty cute.

The second one comes from Amy Bayliss. I love the Editorial Calendar.  Something about writing ideas I would like to post about really helps me. I also can add in any deadlines for craft projects or contests I have entered. It really keeps the month organized and gives me some direction on what I want to post about.

Right now I just feel like I’m posting by the seat of my pants. I would like to find a nice balance of scheduled and spontaneous posts. It’s my goal anyway!  What do you do for blog organization? Do you schedule them all out or do you post when you feel like it?

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