Who doesn’t love a good video game? In my former life I used to be a pretty big gamer. Then B came along and that was the first thing to go. Although those days are somewhat behind me, I do enjoy my occasional Skyrim session, any dance/singing game or the random video game I play with J.

We just picked up this new game for the Xbox Kinect called Kung Fu High Impact. Oh my word. It is too funny! I have had the best time watching J and B play this game. It takes your whole self and puts you in the game. You can also use “weapons” like dish towels, pillows, or B’s giant foam sword. B loves to play this game and it’s hilarious to watch him. Guess you know what my night will consist of…watching two boys play xbox. 🙂

                                             Here is B channeling his inner kung fu fighter.

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