We have had a busy busy week and weekend:)  I wonder if males get the “nesting” thing too. J had a few days off work this week and he has been on top of it!  He got new carpet for our house, he cleaned and organized closets, spruced up the patio with some new chair cushions and hung up some new towel racks.  He has been super husband this past week!!

We also had a garage sale this Saturday with my friend Gina from Gina’s Guide To! Even though we blasted it on craigslist and put up alot of signs we didn’t have the turn out like we did last time.  It was still alot of fun getting to hang out with Gina for the day and of course going “shopping” in her pile of clothes!

On Sunday, we went to the kite festival in town.  We met up with Candice from Picture Perfect Parties.  We really tried to get our kite in the air but the wind wasn’t being very kind to us.  B still had fun eating hot dogs and running around with Liam.

I turned 34 weeks on Friday! Whoohoo:) I’m almost there!  I think I have everything finally done for baby. The room is all ready and I can’t wait to post pictures!! Hope you all have a great Tuesday:)

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