Are you tired of seeing this fabric yet? As you can tell this fabric is the theme of the baby’s room.  I had a lot of extra fabric left over so I wanted to make some basket liners.  I really just kind of came up with pattern as I was working.  There was a few trial and errors along the way but I really like how they turned out.

So I started off with a basket that looked like this:

                                             The first step is to take your measurements. 

My basket was 12 inches for the bottom and long sides.  6 inches deep all around.  7 inches for the shorter sides. For the side pieces I wanted there to be an overlap of fabric so you will need to add an extra 2 inches plus .5 for the seam.

 Next you need to cut out your pieces. My bottom piece was 12 x 7. I needed 2 long side pieces that measured 12 x 8.5. I also needed 2 shorter side pieces that measured 7 x 8.5. 

Next step is to pin. Pin your pieces together with the right sides together.  I sewed two sides at a time.

Continue to sew all pieces together.
Sew your corners together.
Next pin your seam all the way around and sew.
Now I wanted the liner to be a little tight around the corners. So all I did was pin the corners about 1/4″ in and sewed the corners together. I did a little at a time to get the correct fit I wanted. I did this on all four sides.
Then just fit it over your basket and enjoy.
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