As you have noticed I haven’t been on much very lately! My new little man turned one month a couple days ago and I have seriously been relishing every moment.  Maybe because I know this will be my last little baby (unless a surprise happens!) that I am just soaking in all the love.  With Brendan I felt so overwhelmed and always felt like I never knew what I was doing that I never just slowed down and truly enjoyed his babyhood. Now I am just enjoying the moment with both of my babies.

We also have been so busy.  We have had family in to visit the little one.  My mom came and now my sister and her family are here! During that time I also put on a baby shower that I can’t wait to show you! My dad is heading into town in a few days too!! I am loving all the visits from family.  Not to mention my sister is a fabulous hair stylist so I put her to work on my head! I am looking FABuloUS! I haven’t been to all the “touristy” spots in town in a while so it’s been fun taking everyone around!!

Pictures of our month so far!

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