Today you are three! I can’t believe how fast time has gone. It really feels like only yesterday you were born. You were so tiny!
You are turning into such a sweet boy! I am amazed everyday by all the new things you do and learn. Two was a pretty interesting year for you. You are talking alot more, your potty trained, you started preschool, and you became a big brother.  I can’t wait to see what this year brings.   Here are some of my favorite things about you and some highlights of your 2nd year.

Yup. You still carry around your Hello Kitty blanket. I think it’s adorable. You call it Blankie.
I caught you several times spying on the neighbors;) Your always so curious about what they are doing over there.

You have a very special bond with Rogue. You love that pup. Except when she tries to steal your snack.

I love your smile.

You are always down to party.

You had a knack for never looking at the camera. Your getting better about that now!

Your full of style.

You love playing basketball with daddy. You always try to make that shot. One day you will.

This is your “I Did It” pose.  You also have a dance and song that goes along with it. It’s so funny and you always do it. Sometimes even when you really don’t do anything.

You make an awesome superhero.

You know your way around the xbox now.

You are an awesome big brother. You are always concerned about him when he starts to cry.  You always help with diapers and give him lots of hugs and kisses.

You love to fist bump.
I also love the way you dance. We have dance parties in the living room and you really get down.
I love you B! Happy Birthday.


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