I use to have an organized craft room but when my adorable little Ry entered the picture that craft room quickly became his cute little nursery. I had years of craft supplies and fabric piled into one room. So when I transitioned the craft room into a nursery I had the task of figuring out how to organize a bunch of crafts in little to no space. This is seriously what it looked like for about 4 months:

Pretty awesome huh.  See those sweet bags. Anytime I would do a craft project I would load all the supplies needed {collecting them from the other bags} then go downstairs to do the project. After the project was done that bag would then get shoved where ever it would fit. I do have to marvel at my ability to stack all those bags up. Last week, I was done. Sometimes it would take me longer to find the craft supplies I needed for the project than the actual project itself!!! So I spent the weekend organizing. Here is what I ended up with:

Now everything is in plastic bins instead of bags. I wrapped my fabric around comic book boards. I also rolled up all my scrap fabric. I should of done this 4 months ago.

So it’s not my ideal craft organizational area but it will work for now! My dream is to have a small space downstairs where all my supplies can live. It’s hard to plan because we are moving soon and I might have a space of my own again or I might not.  I’ve also been garage sale hunting for a cabinet that I can repurpose. I also, of course, have been hunting around on Pinterest. Here are some of the ideas for small craft spaces that I love. I have the links listed on my Pinterest “For the Home” board.

I love this! I love the colors, the peg board, the chandy! Ohlala. 

Love how it’s just a small cart! This could work well with  my desk I already have.

                              I am not that handy to build this but I love it!!

Sort of like the first one. Just a smaller closet! I wonder if I will have a closet I could use like this at our next house. Hmmmm.
Well those are some ideas anyway! Do you have an small craft spaces you would like to share with me?? I need all the help I can get. Leave your link in the comments below and I’ll be sure to visit.
Well that’s all for now!! Be sure to come back and visit me Friday! I’m holding my first Instagram and Blog Hop party!! 
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