Today, I turn 30.  I am a little sad to be saying goodbye to my 20’s to be honest. I can no longer say I’m a “twenty something”.  Thirty! It sounds so “mature” haha.  It amazes me how many memories the last 10 years hold.  How much I have grown, accomplished, and learned about myself.  I know that my 30’s will be just as great and look forward to what is ahead. At least I am telling myself that today!! So I will be trying really hard today to be celebrating this new decade!  My husband will be giving me snarky laughs, pokes, and singing you are finally 30 and old.  He is “well into his 30’s” (heh) and I wasn’t so nice when he turned the big 3-0. 🙂 So I know by tomorrow I will be fine and will accept my old age gracefully. So I’m sharing with you some of my memorable moments of my 20’s. Sorry for the grainy pics I didn’t have a digital camera “back in the day”.

10 years ago I moved away (two hours, ha) from home for college. That was a big deal for me! I am a big family person and even that small move away felt huge.

9 years ago I met my husband in our apartment complex’s tiny gym. His opening line was “want me to change that channel for you?” and the conversation flowed from there. He invited me to his apartment for a fancy dinner of chicken and rice (I still joke that this has been the only meal he has actually cooked for me).  I also became a dog mommy to my little chihuahua Lola.

8 years ago I graduated from UCF. My husband told me that he got picked up for Officer Training for the Air Force and would be leaving for 12 weeks. We married after he graduated and I found out we would be stationed in Utah. The first thing I said to him was “Where the heck is Utah???” I thought my move to Orlando was huge…Utah was across the country. So we packed up our cars and made the move to Utah. We stopped in Vegas and got hitched! It was a crazy year. Full of changes. I also met some amazing friends that I still keep in touch with. They helped me so much that first year! We also got another puppy. Our black pug we named Rogue.

6 years ago I started my first *real* job as a 2nd grade teacher. I remember being so nervous that first day of school! I loved teaching and it might be something I get back into later down the road. That is an official “Mrs. Grant” yearbook shot there!

4 years ago I found out I was pregnant. I was so excited. I also found out that we would be moving to California. I didn’t think I could get any further away from Florida but we did.

3 years ago we moved to California. We bought our first house and I became a mommy! Brendan blessed our lives in ways we could not imagine. I love being a mommy.

2 years ago I became close to some wonderful ladies that no matter where I am will always call them my friends. I also became a minivan owner! Haha. I never thought I would be driving one of those!! I totally rock it.

1 year ago I watched my sister get married! I found out I was pregnant for the 2nd time! Brendan was going to have a brother. We also found out we would be stationed in L.A.  I truly believe now the AF will never move us back to the east coast! Seriously!

This year little Ryan was born and completed our family.  He is such an amazing sweet little baby. I have been truly blessed by my sweet boys.

So that’s been my 10 years in a nutshell:) It had its ups and downs but looking back   I wouldn’t change a thing. Even though it’s been hard living away from family I have learned and experienced so much. Each state has its differences and it’s pretty cool to experience that slice of life. I met truly wonderful friends that I wouldn’t have otherwise.
                             So here’s to my 30’s and all that it brings!!


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