B at Magic Kingdom May 2011

My mom is flying in on Saturday and she said she wanted to do something fun while she was down.   J has been gone TDY so she is coming to keep me  company and help with the babies.  We were talking about fun things to do and Disneyland came up. Neither of us have ever been.  I feel like I know Disney World inside and out.  I’ve been there I can’t even tell you how many times since I was born.  But never once been to Disneyland. So we booked a trip to Disneyland this Saturday!! We are staying at the Grand Californian. Are there any must see things to do?? Anyone have any tips??  It’s just going to be me, my mom, B and Ry. I have never been to Disney with a 4 month old before.  I was thinking of keeping him in my Ergo but also bringing my stroller. Can he even ride anything?  If you have any advice I would love to hear from you!  I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait to see B in Cars Land!! He is going to flip.

Also, if anyone is interested in Guest Posting let me know! You can reach me at Tori@lilmrstori{dot}com!! I’m looking for posts for next week or the week after.

‘Till next time!!


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