Thanks Hayley and Kim for hosting such a fun post card swap! It was fun to meet a awesome new blogger that I might not have otherwise!

My post card swap partner was Emily from Entirely Emily.  You should check out her blog. I love the way she writes and I love her about me page. She has some sweet posts about her daughters like 15 things I hope my girls remember me saying. She is also pretty crafty! I love her vintage school days mantel.

And her memory stone for her pup Charlie.
So let’s get to the postcard!!! Emily is from St. Louis and she loves it there. I have never been there but Nelly seems to really like it there too. 😉 It seems like a neat place to visit.
Not only did I get one, I got TWO!! The first post card is from Grant’s Farm in Saint Louis, Missouri! She said this is one of her favorite places to visit. She wrote a blog post about it here.  It seems like such a neat place! It has horses, elephants, and free beer! What more could you ask for?
The second post card was of course what comes to mind when someone says St. Louis. The Gateway Arch!! I really want to see that one day!
Thanks Emily for sending me those postcards and sharing a little of your life with me! I can’t wait to read more about your adventures on your blog!!


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