Hi Lovely Readers!! I have the amazing Leslie from Violet Imperfection guest posting on my lil’ ol’ blog today!! I just adore this idea she has done with her daughter! She will have some great pictures to look back on! If you can please stop over to her blog and tell her hello! -Tori

Hi, I am Leslie from Violet Imperfection. My blog is a little bit of everything, crafts, cooking, stories of being a stay at home Mama and anything else that is a part of my life. Above all I am striving to not worry about being perfect and showing my daughter that life is beautiful imperfections and all.

Tori was kind of enough to let guest post today and tell you about my “Year of Violet” project.

I was on bed rest for the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy and found these adorable monthly onesie stickers on Etsy. I had pinned an idea where parents had taken a weekly photo of their daughter and decided to special order a year of onesie stickers and start buying fabric as backgrounds.

I use one yard of fabric for each week, it is on the pricey side for a project but so worth it. I try to take advantage of coupons and sales.

At first I thought I would just do the fabric and then Easter came around and I used bunny ears and it grew from there.

I also try to mark special occasions like holidays or milestones.

Violet is six months now and it is getting more and more difficult to get photos….

Some weeks I can take five pictures and get a keeper, some weeks it takes 30 or 40 photos. My record is 62. Most weeks I average about 16 to 18 photos.

Overall I am glad I have stuck with this project. I love looking at how much Violet has changed and we still have six months until her birthday. I have promised myself if we have anymore children that I will do this again….as daunting as that may seem to me now.

I hope that you come visit me at Violet Imperfection and embrace the imperfections with me.

Thank you again Tori for letting me visit your blog!