(The only picture I got that day. My mom and B as we leave the hotel.)

How come it’s always when you dress the whole family up in matching mickey shirts…every thing goes wrong?

That was our first day at Disneyland.  I thought it would be such a cute idea for all of us to wear matching Mickey shirts. So the day before I left I made some.  We decided to wear them the 1st day we went to Disneyland.  So we got all dressed and looked all cute.  We skipped merrily down to the monorail looking super mickey fanatical in our shirts.  Being the Disneyland noobs that we are we didn’t realize they would make us close up the double stroller to ride the monorail.  I had stuffed that thing full. Every nook and cranny had something shoved in it.  It took about 10 minutes to get that stroller folded up. The monorail finally shows up and I have an ever lovin’ fight to get this stroller on board. I finally get it positioned and I knock a Jamba Juice out of my mom’s hand and it proceeds to go all over the floor and all over my feet. At this time a curse word flies out of my mouth. I look around and see nothing but happy little families just staring at all that’s going down. Awesome. Sorry monorail families for ruining your magical morning.

At this point, I’m a hot sweaty mess with smoothie dripping all over my feet. So as the monorail starts 2 minutes into the ride we see the entrance to Disneyland which would of been a short walk with OUT having to fold up a stroller!! Super Awesome.

We finally make it inside Disneyland and find a bathroom. I wash the smoothie off my feet and decide to ride the Finding Nemo ride.  For some reason  B decides this is a great time to throw a huge tantrum. Kicking and screaming I carry him over to a table. It is now 9:15 and we are having a timeout in the Tomorrowland dining area.  Sweet.  Finally we pull it together and go on the ride. A sweet lady turns to my mom and tells her how cute her shirt is. Thank you kind lady. You must of seen the mornings events.  We head over to Fantasyland.  In the middle of waiting in line for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride B announces to everyone “POO, PEE” as loud as he could and goes right there. Red face and all. I had no time to react. He is fully potty trained but I read that Disneyland makes the most trained kid forget so I did put him in Pull-Ups just in case.  We get out of the line and another tantrum ensues.  I finally get him cleaned up and we go onward.  We get to the Winnie the Poo ride.  B starts freaking out right before we get on the ride. Just crying and screaming. We get off the ride and Ryan starts to cry. My Mom and I are done. We hoist our white flag and run back to the hotel.  I’m sure we looked super awesome while everyone was crying.  I will never wear that Mickey shirt again.

Side note: We actually did return to Disneyland after all of that. Minus that morning we did have a great time and I will share the happy photos with you in another post;)

If you would like to look super awesome while your kiddos lose it at Disneyland follow the directions below!

All you need is fabric, thread, interfacing, and a Mickey ear template
You can re-size your ears to fit your shirt.  Print out the template and cut your fabric and interfacing.  Pin to the shirt.  Sew around the Mickey. I made a pink bow and hand stitched it on.  Super easy.  Just wear with caution. 


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