I love decorating my mantle this time of year. I usually keep it the same (switching little things out) all year until the Fall. 
Here is my Halloween Mantle this year! I made the countdown banner myself and it’s my favorite. I realized this will be the last time I get to decorate this mantle.  Although the new place has a fireplace it doesn’t have a mantle.  I have an idea to make one…but not quite sure how it’s going to work just yet.
I love this printable. I printed it out last year and I wasn’t blogging then so I have no idea where I got it. Sorry. If someone knows you can put it in the comments:) I did a little google search and found alot of different ones but couldn’t find the original source. 
A little nod to Harry Potter. I love me some Harry. The ghost handprint was from Brendan’s 2nd Halloween. We have done one every year. I got the idea from one of my favorite Halloween blogs Eighteen 25.
A little collection of pumpkins I’ve found or been given. 
‘Till next time:)


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