Last night we went to the Batty Ball that was hosted by the local Children’s Museum here!
I think I had the cutest date there:) In honor of our L.A. move in a couple of weeks…we went as one of our favorite teams: The Lakers!! 
We also went with his good friend Miss A. They have been BFF’s since they were 5 months old. 
Yeehaw! It’s his new favorite phrase! No clue where he picked it up from but it  is cute:) 
Here is my new project!!! I think I’m going to turn it into a vanity. 🙂 I need to get started. I still have 3 projects to paint and a curtain panel to finish!! I hope to finish it all before the movers come on November 7th!!  I’m also super excited to  do a photo shoot today of a couple of families!! We are all going out to an apple orchard to get a few shots for Christmas cards!  It should be fun times!
Have a great weekend!! Oh and don’t forget to add your name to Instafriends Instafun!!!! I would love to follow some new faces:) 


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