Hi All!

Just wanted to pop in and say hi! I miss all my blogging buddies and I want to thank all of you that wished us well on the move! As far as moves go it went pretty smooth! Our movers were great and helpful. They actually unpacked boxes and put stuff where I told them.  Our last move they just dropped boxes in random rooms and took off.

I can’t wait to show you some of the things we have done to the condo. Everything is looking great and it is slowly starting to feel like home. J is super excited he has his own man room. I now have been put to the task of making Clemson curtains for it. A man cave of orange and purple.

 I do miss my friends back in Santa Maria:( It stinks that I just can’t call ’em up and meet up for a play date. B keeps going around asking about his friends by name. So it is kind of sad.  Hopefully when things settle down a bit we can hit up some parks.

Sorry this post has no pictures! I can’t wait to show you my curtains and little things I have done.  The only thing I can’t stand about this condo is the kitchen counters!!! It is all tile/grout and looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in years. So the other day I took baking soda, a wire brush and scrubbed!!! Took a few hours and my arm is still a little sore but it looks a little better.   Anybody have any good ideas for temporarily covering up kitchen tile?? (It’s a rental so I can’t demolish the counter tops!) I was thinking of maybe getting some big chopping blocks…or something!

Anyways, I have got to run. My husband wants to trade in his awesome car for a scooter today.  Yea…a scooter. He is going to look pretty fly.

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