Good Morning All!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! We have been busy busy here:) We have been out and about exploring our new town. We also had some dinner with some of our friends that were in the area from Santa Maria. We also bought bikes!! I can’t wait to show you a picture of my cute new beach cruiser!!  We also toured some preschools in the local area and I was far from impressed. What they cost for what they offer/look like is laughable.  I miss B’s old preschool!  For now we enrolled him in some activities.  He started swimming last week and he starts soccer this Sunday.  He is so excited about Soccer. Every time we pass a field of people playing he says “me play soccer.”

I was able to chill out last night and actually squeak out a craft I’ve been wanting to do. I had to update my frame to the current upcoming holiday!

My frame – the Christmas version. I’ve realized this new house is not very friendly when it comes to taking pictures!  We have hardly any natural light. I am going to have to get a little creative when it comes to snapping pictures.

If you want to know the how to here is my original post!
Take care!


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