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Good Morning All!!

I have another review from Ubisoft today!! Being a Ubichamp is too much fun!
This time I get to review Just Dance Disney Party. I also have to thank B. He helped me review this game too!

The first thing I have to rave about is how kid friendly this game is!  B LOVES to play Kinect but most games don’t pick him up to well on the sensor and it drives him and I crazy. I have to fiddle with it making sure the sensor is pointed down so he can get into the screen too. Once we found a song he just raised his little hand and it picked him right up!  The menu was one of the easiest I have ever navigated through. I did not have any problems getting to what I wanted to play.

The second thing that I really loved about this game was the nonstop shuffle mode!!! At the main menu you can choose to how long you want it to play and what type of songs you want it to play. You hit start and it just plays continuously! I love this because he is too little to actually start a song by himself if I don’t want to play with him I can put it in this mode. I set it and it just plays nonstop for however long you set it. In fact while I’m writing this B is playing in shuffle mode by himself!

Here is what I noticed B really liked. He loved how there were actually kids dancing in the game. In most dancing games it’s just a cartoon type dancer but in this game it is actual kids. Very neat!  He also thought the animation in the songs are so funny. The animation characters pop up here and there during the song and he just laughs. His two favorite songs are Under the Sea and It’s a Small World.

Overall, this is such a cute game for kids and families! I had so much fun playing with him and he just loves to play it by himself. Younger kids will love it because it has the familiar Disney cartoon songs. Older kids will like it because it has it has all the Disney Channel songs from shows like Wizards of Waverly Place and Good Luck Charlie. This would be a Christmas present that wouldn’t disappoint. You can check out more reviews from Amazon or Toys R’ US.


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