Hello my lovely readers!

It has been yet another busy week here. I’ve been getting up at 5:30 am every morning to exercise! It hasn’t been easy or fun for that matter but I’m feeling so much better. I can’t really “discuss” what I’m doing because my hubs and I made a fun pact not to tell anyone until we complete it. Haha:) I will be sure to share the deets in a few weeks.

Palm trees on my bike ride

Other than that I have been keeping busy with the boys and working on a few photography projects. I joined one of my favorite photographers in her series called This is Our Life.  I love Annie and her work on her blog Paint the Moon. So when I heard of her 52 week project I had to join.  One of my goals this year was to feel comfortable in the manual setting on my camera. What better way than to use my camera *almost* everyday in manual?? You can see some of my pictures and follow me on Flikr here.

Slowly…very slowly this crazy place called Los Angeles is starting to feel like home. Well maybe not home yet but I’m getting use to it. I was out the other day and the crazy traffic didn’t drive me insane.  One of my favorite places here is the beach. I love going there with the boys. We also try to bike down there weekly. I love it.  I brought my camera along on one of our biking trips and got some cute pictures of the boys.  Now I just need to get better about printing the actual pictures out.

my little Ry guy.

my B

He loves chasing the birds.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I hope to get some painting done in the bathroom! I have been putting it off too long!


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