So last Monday my mom and I got all gussied up and went down to Studio City to catch a taping of Chelsea Lately.  This was my first experience attending a live taping so I was super excited. I am such a nerd for this stuff. It’s not just seeing celebrities but I love to watch the behind the scenes action!  I was also pretty psyched to see Chelsea. I watch this show ALL the time!

So not knowing anything about the area we thought there would be restaurants we could grab a bite to eat for the show.  We parked at the parking garage for the show and started walking. Nothing.  A super nice security guard pointed us in the direction of some food trucks and we had a picnic in a park with no tables. 🙂 Ate at an awesome food truck called Stop, Gauc, and Roll.  It was like Mexican food meet southern bbq.  Spicy but good.

We arrived an hour and half early to the line.  There was actually people already lined up.  It was nice to just chat and have some kid free peace.  I really think getting there early helped us. We got awesome seats on the floor right next to the stage. Had we rolled in at 2 we would of been in the bleachers in the back.   Around 2pm they usher all the audience through the gates of Universal Studios to the show.  Then it’s time to be seated. Like I said we had amazing seats right next to the stage.  It was so fun to see the Chelsea Lately stage in person. We were seated and they play music to pump everyone up.  Then a pre-show guy comes out to tell you all the rules and hand signals for clapping and screaming. You have to clap and laugh a lot. My voice was hoarse by the time I was out of there.

This taping they had 3 interviews and one round table. The three interviews we saw were Olivia Wilde, Rachel Zoe, and Steve Carrell. The round table was hilarious and I loved seeing Steve Carrell in person!  He is one of my favorite actors. The whole taping was under an hour.  They have no retakes so it all goes pretty fast.

Of course when we got home we HAD to watch the show.  It was on that same night with Rachel Zoe as the guest.  We got all kinds of excited when we spotted the backs of our heads 🙂 Thank you to my sis for snapping a picture and sending it to me.

It was a good time! I am heading to a taping of Melissa and Joey soon! I am hooked on being a studio audience member haha! I’ll be sure to fill ya in:) If you are ever in the LA area and want to go to a taping head to this site. For the Chelsea show make sure you get Priority tickets so you are guaranteed seating!

‘Till next time!


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