This week was a little different around our house but also peaceful.  J was in a motorcycle accident last Monday and he had to go in for surgery this week.  The doctor said he had 4 fragments floating around in his collarbone. He had a metal plate installed (sounds so mechanical) to fuse the bones together.  He is in a lot of pain but I am just glad the surgery is done and we can move on.  B doesn’t understand why he can’t rough house with daddy but he does bring him pillows to make him feel better. The doctor said he will recover fast so all should be back to normal soon.

It’s been peaceful because we stayed close to the house this week and his parents are in town helping us.  We only went out for the surgery, to parks, and to B’s swim class.  B loves his swim class and I was such a proud momma.  He did sooo good this week.  He loves his instructor and his favorite parts are  when he gets to jump in and getting a lollipop at the end (of course:)

Little Ry has been crazy about me lately.  He will not let me out of his sight. He just screams and screams if I go to another room. If I pop my head back in he stops.  Seriously. The picture down he was eating sweet potatoes and apples. I guess they were a little tart because he made this face every time he ate!

I’ve also been toying around (for awhile now) with the idea to switch to WordPress.   I have been doing some web design with my job and I want to become a little more familiar with the way WordPress works. There is no better way for me to learn than just by doing! I feel like I’ve accomplished and learned all that I can from Blogger and it’s time for me to self-teach my way through WordPress.  I’ll be doing the transfer myself so hopefully this blog will be intact (somewhat) on the other side. Famous last words? 🙂 Eh. Everything should be fine. It may not look pretty for awhile but should still be there!

That has been our week! If you have made the transfer from Blogger to WordPress let me know. I may want to pick your brain!

My absolute favorite place to be. I love it around that time of the day!

Until next time,

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