Happy Friday Y’all! So my little blog has been chugging along this week. I’ve been busy trying to do all the fun stuff like adding new plugins and designing. I also experienced my first 500 internal error and realized deleting even just one tiny symbol in the wrong place can throw your site offline. Yay for learning! From that experience I learned how to manually delete files using a wonderful program called Filezilla.  I’ll be a little more careful next time I go messing around in the php files.

I decided to just do it myself when it came to moving which was a little scary.  I didn’t just jump blindly in and expect for everything to work. I knew there could be some errors or losses and I am o.k. with that.  I also knew a little bit about transferring, hosting, and coding. I figured I could eventually get myself out of whatever hole I dug.:) For those of you who are contemplating making the switch, I wanted to share a few posts that have been so helpful for me this first week.

HelpfulBlogsBlogging with Amy I think I read this post like 50 times before the switch. I like how she gives you the pros and cons about switching. Her post gives you the fine details you might not know.

  –Mama Blogga  I followed her directions step by step to move my blog.  I started preparing my server and word press blog (with a temporary site)  before my blog went live.   Her directions were very easy and straightforward to follow.  The only hiccup I experienced was transferring my domain.  I didn’t realize you must turn your privacy setting off before transferring!  Once I did that it was smooth sailing.

Making Sense of Cents  She sent me the link to her post the day before I transferred.  It was very helpful to read!

Now for the fun stuff:

– Studio Press I decided to use the Genesis Framework as the foundation for my blog.  They also have a ton of themes to choose from.  When choosing a theme I went for layout of posts and how the menus look. I know anything can be changed with a little coding but I’m a newbie.  What is currently running is the Pretty Young Thing template. I have just customized it and changed what coding I could.  I’m still trying to figure out how to get that menu centered. #drivingmecrazy.

The WP Chick Awesome tutorials on how to do things like changing the footer codes and plugin help. Super user friendly to read too!

The Thinking Closet Love this blogger! I give her full credit for my new super awesome project gallery! YAY!

A week in and so far I am not regretting making the switch at all.  I love all the new stuff I can do and responding to comments are so much easier now!