For me the hardest thing about military life is moving.  I had to just recently say goodbye to all my dear  friends that I made at our last station.  We were so blessed to have some that were pretty much like family.  B always had a friend or two to hang out with. Then, we moved.  It’s been a rough move for us and we are still trying to adjust. L.A. is a lot to take in. Things still don’t feel like home quite yet and I’m not sure they will.

I was talking with a couple of my friends that I made here and we decided to start a play group for all the military parents in the area.  Even though it does say AFB it is open to all the military moms in LA.   We have one mom whose husband serves in the Coast Guard.  We are also not affiliated with the base what so ever.  The group started off small but it has grown!  We have been to some local parks, toured a fire station, and been to a couple indoor kid’s play grounds.  We have a lot planned this spring and it is going to be fun!!

This group has been great for B and I.  B gets to play with friends and I get to chat with some fellow military moms.  It makes such a difference to know people with similar experiences and to be involved in something.

If you are in the L.A. area or PCSing here and would like to join us for our next play date send me an email at Tori{at}  I can get you the hook up. 🙂

I’ve been snapping away during our play groups! Here are some pictures of B on his play dates.