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I wanted to make a baby blanket for my nephew but sadly I just don’t have the time to make a cute quilt.  I made one of these blankets for Ry last year and it has held up so well.  It’s also a pretty easy project for a beginner.  It took me under an hour to make this blanket. Which is pretty amazing because I always seem to have some sort of snag up when I sew!

Here is what you need to make this cute little baby blanket.


1 1/2 yard of fabric for your front piece (prewash!)

1 1/2 yard of a soft minky type fabric (prewash!)

thread, scissors, sewing machine…(you know all the stuff that goes along with sewing;) )

Okay before you even begin go and wash that fabric. Go…now. Seriously. It is super important to wash your fabric before you start sewing. It can make or break the project.  Just iron after washing to get your fabric looking crisp again!

O.k. Once that fabric has been washed we can start!

How to make your own baby blanket


Step One:  Starting with your “front piece” lay your fabric out. I use my floor.  There really isn’t an exact measurement I use. I honestly eyeball it. I like my blankets to look more square so I just trim a little off the length while not cutting anything off the width of the fabric.  Once you like look of your front piece lay your minky fabric right on top. Wrong sides together.  Your minky will be bigger than your front piece now. Make sure everything is lined up corner to corner. No wrinkles! Minky is one of the toughest fabrics for me to work with! So save yourself some time and make sure it is all smooth! Once you have done that cut your minky an inch and 1/2 all the way around.  See how in my first picture how my front piece is now an inch and 1.2 longer than my minky? That is what it should look like all the way around your blanket!

Step Two: Get your iron out. Make one fold about halfway and press.

Step Three: Make another fold and press. This fabric should now be folded over a portion of your minky fabric.  Now you need to PIN. Pin, Pin, Pin.  Remember what I said about minky. It loves to move. So pin that sucker in place.  Tip: I like to fold one side and then fold the opposite side. So it is a little easier when it comes to corners. 

Step Four:  Fold your corner in a triangle and press.

Step Five: Now you will repeat the two fold process like in steps two and three. Did I mention to pin? Pin, pin, pin all the way around!!

Step Six: You are ready to sew. Using a straight stitch, stitch all the way around the edge of fabric. See how in picture 6 my presser foot is close to the edge of that fold.  Sew slow and steady. There is no need to rush!  I have found rushing causes me more problems and probably the reasons why some of my projects are 3 hours longer than it needed to be. 🙂


Baby Blanket Sewing Tutorial


Done! Take a step back and marvel your work. A cute little baby blanket that has a fake binding. 🙂 If you have any questions or get stuck along the way leave me a comment! Like I said earlier I made this exact same blanket for Ry about a year ago and it has been holding strong wash after wash! 🙂


Update: My nephew got the blanket in the mail today with some other goodies! I think it was a hit! 🙂




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