One of the best presents I received after I had Ryan was this diaper clutch. It stays in my bag at all times. If we have to make a pit stop to change a diaper I just grab that and go. My super crafty friend, Anne, made it for me and brought it up to the hospital after Ry was born. I have used this diaper clutch for almost a year and it is still going strong! So I took what she made me and replicated the best I could to make one for my sister.  The print is Michael Miller Ahoy Matey line from Fabric.com.  You may have noticed that this coordinates just perfectly with the Anchor Onsie and Blanket I made.  I didn’t plan that at all. 😉

So here is what you do to make one of these on your own.



You will need:

3 – 11 x 11 pieces (my dark blue/red fabric)

1 – 4 x 11 piece of coordinating fabric (the loopy looking fabric)

1 – 11 x 11 piece of coordniating fabric

1 – 11 X 11 piece of thin batting, flannel, or stabilizer.

Elastic, Button, Thread



Step One –  Center the small 4 x 11 piece on top of the main fabric.  I ironed in the edges in and sewed the sides down.  Place the button one inch from the bottom and secure.   This will be your top or front of the diaper clutch.  Set aside.



Step Two –  We are now working on the inside of the clutch.  You will want to lay the coordinating piece facing up.

To make the pockets fold them in half.  Place the flannel/stabilizer inside and sew along the top edge.  See the picture above about what I mean about the top edge.  I just do a straight stitch right across.  Now place your pockets on the coordinating fabric and sew down the three sides making a pocket.  ** I sewed them down to keep them from moving. You can choose to pin.



Place you front and inside pieces with right sides facing each other. Place your elastic opposite of your button.  Make sure the loop is sandwiched inside. My picture just shows the elastic on top with the loop out.



**Placement is important! You will want to make sure that it closes like it should.  Once placed correctly, sew all the way around your clutch leaving a small opening to pull your fabric through.  Pull your fabric through the small opening you left then iron/press.  Press down the fabric opening and using a straight stitch sew all the way around the edge of your clutch.  You are done!


As always please do not hesitate to contact me if you get stuck or have any questions!


diaperclutch1Tori <3