I am always looking for ways to teach B! He is a little tricky when it comes to learning from me.  So I like to hide it in games or fun activities.  I am a huge fan of  Confessions of A Homeschooler.  I am always on there trying to find new lessons.  I was inspired by her large floor apple activity. So I decided to make my own version.

For this project I used card stock  glue, my laminator, and the Silhouette. I also made use of the Pick Me Up tool. Which I am now a fan of!

First, I made my design in the Silhouette Studio. Here is what my work space looked like.


I made a simple circle.


Then my numbers 1-10.


Then a whole bunch of stars.


Once cut, I started assembling.


Once they were glued, I laminated them.  I heart my laminator. Seriously. I laminate all the time. Things that probably don’t even need to be laminated.


I wanted to create some dice so I downloaded the 3d Dice cube. I ungrouped the dots off of the cube so I would just have a plain cube.  Once assembled I glued my letters on the dice and coated it in Mod Podge.  I thought the Mod Podge would make them a little sturdier.  However, they are still pretty delicate and can crush easily. I suggest crumpling up some paper and stuffing it in before you seal it.

Then we played!


We played with the first dice with the numbers. Then added in the action dice.  He had a good time.  To clean it all up, I told him to find a certain number and bring it to me.





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