Soooooo I have been taking the Illustrator 101 course with Nicole’s Classes this month. Illustrator has been something I have wanted to learn for quite some time now! I love creating and designing on Photo Shop so I thought this was the next step.  I wanted to share with you my first  homework assignment.  I created a little poster of one of my favorite songs.  Seriously. I feel like I am always singing this to myself. Kinda crazy. I know:) In my defense, it is pretty catchy and don’t blame me if you end up humming it all day.



If you want a copy for yourself you can go here!

I am almost two weeks into class and feel like I am doing pretty well.  The videos have been extremely helpful and I find myself watching them again if I get stuck on something. I think with anything like this it takes time, patience, and lots of practice.  I am excited to learn more and I am thrilled about what I have accomplished so far!!