When I was a little girl I remember taking really long road trips every year to South Carolina.  We would often go “caravan” style with my grandparents.  My grandmother would always pack my sister and I several goodie bags filled with little toys or snacks along the way. When we first went on our first cross country road trip I did the same for B.  He was only 2 at the time but those little goodie bags really helped.   After day 3 of driving sometimes when we stopped and got back in the car he would just freak.  So behind his seat I tucked away little goodie bags and pulled one out when I was in need.This time for our road trip I did the same thing. I used brown paper sacks and stapled the top.   It looks like I have a lot of  goodie bags. 15 to be exact but we plan on being in the car for 5 days.   I ended up making these goodie bags with mostly stuff around the house or dollar spots.



Here are some ideas for goodie bags.

– stickers. – I get a huge sticker pack and rip out the pages. One page can go into a goodie bag.

– coloring page with his favorite characters.

–  fun snack

– modeling clay

– toob toys (little safari animals from Michael’s) I just put one in a bag.

-Hot Wheels

-bubbles for when we stop at travel stations

– glow wand (night time fun)

– pipe cleaners

In addition to his goodie bags, tucked away in his seat organizer, I made him a cookie sheet tray spray painted with chalkboard paint.  I collected all our magnetic stuff in clear vinyl bags for him to play with.  He also has several coloring books, books, and preschool activity books to keep him occupied.

I also did not forget to bring electronics. 5 days in a car we need some movies. We have a DVD player with his favorite shows and a Nabi filled with his favorite apps.  I think the kid is set!

Happy Traveling!