I was so excited when Plaid Crafts sent me a box of the Martha Stewart Jewelry Line to try out.  There were so many cute charms, blanks, and molds to try it was very hard to focus on one project!



With my upcoming trip approaching I knew I had to bring all the products with me to Florida for a little jewelry making party with my family.



Here is my mom and my sister trying out the new Martha Stewart Jewelry Line! They never made any jewelry before and they found it very easy to do!  My mom loved the rhinestone bow charm!

Here is how you can make your own simple bow bracelet.



You will need:

* Blank Enamel Charms (bows)

* Jewelry Enamel in Pool (blue color)

* Jewelry Enamel in Meringue (white color)

* Activator

*Clasps // Jump Rings // Chain

* Silicone Tip Brush

*Work Mat // Pliers


First, you will want to size your bracelet according to your wrist.

On the end of the bracelet I added a clasp so I can close it easily.

To add bows to the middle of the bracelet you will need to use your pliers and open a jump ring.  It’s really easy to do using the Martha Stewart pliers.  You just need to open the ring just enough to slide the other ring out.  For my bracelet, I added two jump rings in between the bows.



Now the fun part!  I wanted to add a little color to my bows.  It was really easy to do using the enamel.  Apply two parts activator to one part of the enamel color. Very simple and no baking is required.  I used the Silicone Tip Brush to paint the bows.  I was a little nervous painting but that brush really made it easy!  I also really like the silicone mat.  I was able to put the enamel color right on the mat and I cleaned it right off.



I used the Meringue (white)  color to accent the bow and used Pool (blue) for the majority of the bow.



That’s it! I love how simple it was to make and how pretty it turned out!



Have you tried the new Martha Stewart Jewelry Line yet?  What have you made??

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