On June 2nd I had the opportunity to attend the Premiere Hair Show in Orlando with my Sister.  It was so fun! You might have seen some of my Instagram Pictures floating around. There was so much to see and do it was a little overwhelming! What was also nice is that we went baby free. Between the two of us we have 4 boys.  This was the first time we took a trip alone since before I was married back in ’05. So it was a much needed weekend.

On Saturday night, if you had a flyer from the Premiere Show Book you could get into all the restaurants and clubs at City Walk for free. So we had dinner and drinks at Margaritaville then took our party to the karaoke bar they had out there.




Sunday was when the floor opened for the conference.  We hit the ground running. We focused on the hair portion and perused the booths.  We got plenty of samples to try and my main mission was to find a new hair dryer. I settled on the Croc. I also picked up a new brush called the wet brush.  I have to say it’s a great detangling brush for wet hair! We also waited in line for the Salon Centric booth.  They have a ton of hair products for cheap.  I wasn’t really impressed with the selection but by the time we got there it was pretty picked over.   Great tip: If you go to this show bring a small suitcase with you! Hair products can be heavy and that suitcase was a lifesaver!


What was the coolest product that I picked up from the hair show?  Hands down the Halo Couture Hair Extensions.  It added a few extra inches to my length and lots of volume.  They are easy to wear and really light. It really only takes minutes to put them in.


After the show we purchased after conference tickets for Disney at a low rate.  I haven’t been to Disney World in two years so it was fun to see how much they have added.  We were so lucky that it wasn’t very crowded. We got on a lot of rides. I loved the Monster’s Inc. Comedy Theatre. It was too cute!


Monday, we were pretty exhausted from the day before so we ended up making some last minute purchases at the hair show.  I picked up some Macadamia Hair Shampoo. I’m pretty excited to try it!   We then visited the spa section of the conference and I picked up these cool heating pads called HotShotz.  You press a button and it heats up by it’s self. Ahhh-mazing.


Overall, the weekend was so fun! My sister and I got to spend much needed girl time and we got to sample some amazing new hair products! Couldn’t be a better weekend but we were both happy to get back to our littles! We missed them!