My dad lives on the gulf coast of Florida.  There are tons of antique and thrift shops up there. So whenever I am visiting I always have to go visit all the antique shops there.  One of the items on my list has been an old window.  I love the way they look and the old feel to them.  This one antique shop had a bunch of windows just sitting outside in the shed.  Some where pretty bad off but we managed to get a couple in pretty good condition.  My step mom already had a few  so she let me have the yellow one pictured above. I love how it had all the different sized windows.

My step mom likes to restore them and then paint different scenes on the panes of the glass. They turn out really pretty. So I decided that I would start my project with her so she could show me the ropes.

This window was a pain in my butt.  Nothing went easy or right for me.

So the first thing we did was scrape off all the old window putty to pop the windows out.


This took me all day. No joke. Once you get all the putty out the windows should come out easily.  This was not the case for me.  I ended up having to tap a little to get them loose.  One window ended up breaking on me and I had to get it replaced.

Once you have all the windows out you sand it down. This window was a chore. I could not get the paint off even with an electric sander. Not cool.

After you sand, wipe it down to get all the dust off of it.


So here is the fun part. We decided to try Martha Stewart’s Crackle paint from Home Depot.


Sadly this paint did not work for me. You apply it with a putty knife and it goes on thick.  When my window dried it didn’t even crack. It just looked like a pile of goo on my window.  My step mom’s window cracked a bit and ended up looking like this.


See how thick that looks. Not wanting to give up on Martha I decided to try her other crackle product. So off to the sander I went and sanded off the white goo.  Which came off surprisingly easy.


You need two different colors when you use this Crackle effect paint.  The first layer I used my white primer then applied the crackle/yellow paint together once my primer had dried.  I liked this paint a little better because it wasn’t so thick. However it did not crackle as much as I would of liked.  It cracked in spots and in others it was just plain yellow.  After attempt 2 of crackle I decided this was as good as it was getting. I wasn’t about to jump on that sander again.


Once my paint was dried it was time to put the windows back in.  Like I said this window was not easy. Putting in these windows was like putting a jigsaw puzzle back together. Even though they were square windows they were all misshapen. One side would be longer or shorter. You had to find the right window for that particular square.

My dad helped me with this part. It was fun to work with my dad.  Once the windows were put in we had to use the window glaze to seal and set the windows.  I rolled the putty out while he shaped it to the window.

This project took about 3 days to finish but I made a lot of memories. It was fun to get a chance to do a little crafting with the family. I learned a ton.  I have a new respect for window makers of the past. It was not easy work.

 I ended up doing two windows but I am not completely done with that one yet. I plan on turning it into something a little more than just a window.  I can’t wait to show you!