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I am so excited to bring you this project today! I was given a challenge by Consumer Crafts to come up with something crafty using a ball jar.  Now I love me some ball jars. In fact, if you were to come by my house you would probably think I have an awesome jamming recipe or something because I have those jars everywhere.

Ball Jar Collage

I use them for decoration, for holding my candles, I put seashells in them, they hold my makeup brushes…the list could go on!  So naturally I was super excited when I had to come up with a craft using a mason jar. BTW I have no super awesome jam recipe.

So before I begin you can get most of the materials from Consumer Crafts! Here is the list

Ball Jars

Sea Glass (I used pink, frost mix, aqua blue, clear)

Glass and Bead Glue

Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun

String of White Lights

-Mosaic Grout Premixed White

Your first order of business is that you want to smash your sea glass into smaller chunks. I had a cute little helper. All I did was wrap the glass in a towel I didn’t mind to throw away after. Then I smashed it with a hammer. FYI – please be careful of the glass shards!! It didn’t get everywhere for me but I could see the project getting pretty bad with glass shards everywhere!

Handy Sea Glass Smasher

Once they were smashed I put them on paper plates and started the gluing. Here is where it got a little tricky for me. If you just use the glass glue it will start to slide off. So I made a line of glass glue then a line of hot glue on top. The hot glue will not hold the sea glass by itself so don’t think you can just skip the glass glue!! The hot glue just kept it in place so I could glue all around the Ball jar.

Sea Glass from Consumer Crafts

It takes over 24 hours for the glass glue to dry.

 Sea Glass on Mason Jar

Here is what it will look like when your about done gluing!

Sea Glass and Grout

Once everything is dried it is time to put on the mosaic grout. I used a premixed white mosaic grout.  I applied it with a butter knife all around the jar.

Grout drying on Sea Glass Mason Jar

The directions said it take 25 minutes for the grout to set. So I waited for 25 minutes then I took a damp cloth and wiped the grout off the stones.

Grout wiped from Sea Glass Mason Jar

It takes about 24 hours for the grout to dry completely.

Sea Glass Mason Jar Lantern | Lil Mrs Tori

You can choose to put a candle in it or if you want it a little brighter like mine use a string of lights!

Sea Glass Mason Jar Glowing

Now I didn’t stop there! No folks…this is a two-fer! I made two crafts with my Ball jar!

Mason Jar with Sea Glass

I had a few extra pieces from Consumer Crafts to use and a lot of extra sea glass! So I made a sea glass lamp as well!

Sea Glass Mason Jar Lamp

This project takes less than 30 minutes!

I used:

Ball Jar 

Canning Jar Adapter

Sea Glass


Lamp Shade (Ikea)


I used a cheap lampshade from Ikea.


Secure the jute with hot glue. Then wrap the jute up the shade.  Secure the end piece of jute with hot glue.


 Mason Jar Lamp

Fill your jar up with left over sea glass.

Attach the lid and place the lamp shade on.


Makes a cute little beachy lamp!

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Disclosure: I was gifted supplies from Consumer Crafts for making this craft!

Happy crafting!

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