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It’s that time of year! Well almost that time. Halloween candy has been out since August here so I guess that means I can bring you a Halloween craft right!?

A couple weeks back I bought some  Martha Stewart glass paint that was on sale and I picked up a few. I had pretty low expectations since I have absolutely zero experience painting on glass. Well I was wrong! I did it and it turned out pretty well!

So here is what I used:

Sponge brushes

Contact paper

Dollar store vases

Martha Stewart Glass Paint in Frost/Fire Opal/Mace

I do have the grey glitter and black paint pictured here but I really didn’t like how it turned out. It looked really streaky. I ended up testing it out on a jar and decided not to use it.


I went online and searched for a cute bat and skull. You can purchase this one in the Silhouette Online Shop.


This project is EASY and super fast.

Here are the steps:

1. Cut out the shapes on contact paper.

2. Adhere on the glass vase making sure it is smooth and there are no bubbles!

3. Using your sponge paint the entire vase in frost.

4. Let air dry. ( I was impatient and ripped off the paper in less than an hour)

5. Rip off the contact paper s-l-o-w-l-y. If you go too fast you could rip off some paint that you don’t want to.




Stick a candle in that baby and your spooky night light is done! Repeat the steps for the bat.

Now…on to the chevron candle. This one was a bit tricky and took me a lot longer. It is very important that you measure the circumference of your vase and that will be what you set your width in the Silhouette Studio.  I drew the chevron pattern myself in the Studio software and my vase measured 11 inches so that is what my width set on. You can download that Chevron pattern here:

Free Chevron Pattern


tips and what i learned:

*Place the first arrow part of the pattern as close as you can to the top. This will help guide you in placing the chevron strips around the vase.

*When using the transparent glitter no matter how many coats of Fire Opal I put on it never looked orange to me. It wasn’t until I put in a little squirt of Mace to give it that orange color.

* You might have to clip the end of the chevron pattern with scissors just to get it to sit right.

*Make sure to press down all bubbles! The paint will bleed inside the lines and will not give you those straight lines if there are bubbles.

* The frost paint is pretty forgiving and only takes a couple of coats. The glitter paint takes about 50 coats…o.k I’m exaggerating a bit but it felt like it.

That’s all!

This post is part of the Silhouette Challenge:


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