Hello! Hello!

I’ve been wanting to learn how to make patterns forever. So I decided to continue my learning over at Nicole’s Classes.  I took a Illustrator Pattern making class with Alma and I loved it. I am a huge fan of Nicole’s Classes.

When your class starts you download a file that is basically your virtual classroom.  All the lessons are on video and it’s focused on her screen so you can see everything she is working on in Illustrator. You have homework that is uploaded to the gallery of your online classroom and the teacher gives you helpful feedback on your homework.  You also have her contact info so you can contact her anytime if you have questions or problems.

Here is my homework from that patterns class:







Learning Illustrator and actually using/working in it was a huge goal of mine this year. I know I still have oodles to learn about the program but I feel so much more confident than I did before.  This is my 2nd class with Nicole’s Classes and I’m actually taking my third (illustrator 102) right now.

You should definitely check out their blog if you get a chance! They have some very helpful articles on design, typography, and of course, illustrator!

I’m off to finish some more homework. I should really use the word that we used at our school when I taught. It’s not homeWORK it’s homeFUN. 🙂

Have a great weekend!