IKEA Plant Pot decorated with a gold Sharpie - LilMrsTori.com

I am updating my craft area and I’ve been doing some little projects to try and spruce up the place.

This little pot I found at IKEA…

IKEA Plant Pot

It’s pretty cute on its own but I wanted to add a little something extra. Sharpies to the rescue.

Gold Sharpie Crafts

Bam. Sharpies. Love them.

IKEA Plant Pot painted with a gold Sharpie | Lil Mrs. Tori

Then I just colored in the dots. My sharpie kept slipping off so they are not colored in “perfectly”. However I love the glam it added to the pot.

IKEA Plant Pot and a gold Sharpie | Lil Mrs. Tori

Totally cute huh!? It’s all gold and shiny. Perfect to lighten up my new little craft area! I added in some succulents I got from a local nursery and viola my friends – done!

It really can’t get any easier than that.

Other than doing all kinds of fun projects for my new craft space I’ve been hanging out with J and the boys! B’s in school during the mornings but we have been having fun with trips to Target…


B insisted we ride in the most obnoxiously long cart that Target could make.  When he wanted to get out (which was about 3 minutes after I got them both in) I told him no way. I think that will be the last time he makes me push that behemoth down those aisles!


I took Ry on a play date to the Zimmer Children’s Museum.  This isn’t even a great photo and looks a little weird but I had no clue Google did this with my photos! So I had to add it. That’s him at the water table where we spent 80% of our time. The other 20% he was in the…



We have also been relaxin’ at the beach.


backwards ‘low’ five.

I love me some chubby baby hands.


That’s been our week! I have a fun Friday planned with a great friend. We are going to see a taping of 2 and 1/2 men together! I’ll let you know how that goes.

<3’s, Tori