Watching a Studio Taping | Lil Mrs Tori

So over the weekend my friend and I took a trip down to the Warner Brothers Studios to go see a taping of 2 and 1/2 men.  I am such a sucker for behind the scenes action and all that goes on when they tape a show.  I also love my celebrities and Ashton Kutcher is one of my favorites! If you are ever in the LA area I highly recommend catching a show. We both walked out of there saying that was such a fun experience.

So we got our tickets from Audiences Unlimited. The tickets are not guaranteed so you do need to show up before the 5:00 time it says for you to be there. I went previously with J to another show and showed up at 5 and got turned away. We were too late. So this time we went early. We decided to have a late lunch at Porto’s. It’s a bakery really close to the studio. It is so good. They have salads, sandwiches, and… cupcakes!!



So we ended up getting in line at 2:45. There were already 10 people ahead of us!  You wait in the parking garage right next to the studio. They have bathrooms and a snack machine. It’s a pretty comfortable area. We chatted and the time flew by. Then it was time to walk into the studio. They took us back around 5. You can’t bring any electronics so no pictures!

Once you get seated it is back to waiting.  At around 6 the MC comes up and he warms up the audience. Then they put on a never before seen show for you to watch. After the show they bring out the entire cast introduce them and then the taping starts. Wonder Woman was the guest star that night!

They do about 2 – 3 takes of the scene. What was really neat to watch was how they changed up the script right on the spot. So they would do the original take then do a second take with new jokes. Sometimes they would do a third with a mixture of the new and old jokes.  It will be neat to watch the final episode to see how they edit it all.

The MC guy keeps the crowd lively. He brings people up from the audience and asks them to do random things. Sometimes the cast and crew would get involved or comment.

At around 8 they passed out pizza and water to everyone. I was starving. A good tip – you can bring food and water into the studio. I should of loaded up at the snack machine. The salad I had from Porto’s was not enough!

You can get up and go to the restrooms. So your not entirely stuck in your seat the entire time.

Curtain call was around 10. They bowed and hugged a bunch of people.

Now onto the best part of the entire evening! 

So they finished and we were leaving the studio. You have to walk up a really tiny stair case to get out the door. As I was walking up the stair case Ashton freakin’ Kutcher starts walking down. I looked up – did a total double take.  Then he says…wait for it….wait for it…

excuse me”.

I totally played it cool but inside I was totally like this.

giphy (1)


Then as we were walking to my car my friend and I had several conversations that looked pretty much like this…



Ashton Kutcher just walked passed us like it was NBD and said excuse me. Ahhhh!

It was such a fun night.

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One of the many perks of being stationed in LA. So many fun things to do!

<3’s Tori