I am beyond excited to be on the Silhouette Winter/Fall Design team! I can’t wait to get started and get to know some of these wonderful bloggers! I’ve been doing the happy dance all week!


This week has also been a little stressful over here.  Little Ryan had to go in for an outpatient surgery yesterday.  We went to Children’s Hospital of LA and they are absolutely wonderful.  This is our 2nd surgery here and both experiences have been great.

His surgery was late morning so the poor guy was getting pretty cranky by the time it was ready for him to go in.  The child life specialist came around and blew bubbles for him and brought him a bag of toys to dig through. She kept him so busy being hungry didn’t bother him too much.


Here is Ryan chasing bubbles around.


He went through surgery like a champ and we headed home. He was back to his normal antics by the afternoon. My challenge this weekend will be trying to get him to take it easy. The boy likes to play!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! <3!