Happy Friday!

I am happy to report Ryan is back to his normal self after surgery! He bounced back so fast!

He and I went to a pumpkin lot this week to get a little “Fall” in. It was kind of sad. It was a parking lot with hay.

I totally miss my Avila Valley Barn! I loved that place and it’s my first year I won’t get a picture of B in front of all those pumpkins. Tear*


I know, I know…must make new traditions but this is one that I didn’t want to give up! I was spoiled!  If you are ever up near San Luis Obispo it is such a pretty little farm!


Anyways, we went and Ryan had a good time.

He could hardly contain himself when he spied the perfect pumpkin.




Then he tried to pick it up.

Good times, Ry guy.

What do you have planned this weekend? My weekend is pretty full and I can’t wait to tell you all about it on Monday!! Hollywood Magic Castle & SoCal Social here I come! 🙂

I will leave you with this wonderful gif of brothers being brothers.


Have a great weekend!