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You might have caught this post over at Smart! School {House} a few weeks ago.

I needed some fairly large number cards for my little guy to work with. I wasn’t too happy with the selection I found. I’ve been learning Illustrator and thought this would be the perfect way to practice those skills.

Printable Flashcards

If you would like to get your hands on these number cards you can download them here:

1 – 10 Number Flash Cards


Simply print them out on card stock. Printing them on card stock will give them some extra thickness. I would also suggest laminating them for durability. I punched a hole at the top and added a ring to keep them all together.

These cards print out at 5 x 7 or if you would like to go bigger you can opt to print a full page.

At 5 x 7 they are the perfect size for little hands and for placing objects on the cards.


fun ways to play

My little guy loves to place objects on the card that matches up with the number. We use mostly cars but you can use blocks or any other small item to count.

 You can also try matching up colors. For example, the cars above are yellow so he will go find 4 yellow hot wheels to put on the card. Learning colors and numbers in one game!

You can also print out two sets of flash cards so you can play a memory matching game. Just flip the cards over and try to match the numbers.

However way you play the important thing is to have fun!

Happy counting!