Free Printable Robot Valentine Cards | Lil Mrs. Tori

This is the first official year that B will be handing out Valentine’s day cards at school.  I wanted to make something for him that shows his personality.  He absolutely loves robots! We watch Wall-e, Real Steel, Transformer’s Rescue Bots pretty much on a continual loop around here. He also has about 5 robot shirts that he insists on wearing.  The boy is crazy about bots.  In fact, he told me the other day that he needs to build a bot with a remote override.  Guess I need to start researching robot crafts.  I’m not sure I can find any with remote overrides.

So I worked in Illustrator and came up with this little robot for his card.


Using an X-acto knife I cut two little slits near the robots hands.

robot valentine's card | Lil' Mrs. Tori

As you can tell my slits aren’t too pretty. It doesn’t matter you can’t even tell once you insert the lollipop!

Robot Valentine's Day Cards Free Printable

See. Not that bad…plus these are heading out to a bunch of four year old’s who could care less about stuff like that.

Printable Valentine Cards

There ya go! All ready to hand out! If you would like your own copy just follow the links below. They print out in PDF format with 2 cards per sheet.  I would also highly recommend printing them on cardstock or it won’t be sturdy enough to hold the lollipop!


Robot Valentine’s Day Cards

Happy *almost* Valentine’s Day!!