Mustache Party Decor | Lil Mrs. Tori


My friend’s son recently celebrated his first birthday.  I wasn’t able to attend but I wanted to make her some mustache decor and a little shirt for him to wear. She had picked out the colors blue, green, gray, and black so I tried to stick very close to her color scheme.

Mustache Party Banner | Lil Mrs. Tori

I started in the Silhouette Studio and purchased the 3 Mustache design. I also added little holes so I didn’t have to punch them later.

Mustache Party Banner | Lil' Mrs. Tori

Using baker’s twine I strung the mustaches together.  This project took all of 5 minutes! I ended up making two small banners and added a couple of mustaches on paper straws.

First Birthday Mustache Shirt | Lil Mrs Tori

I knew I wanted to make him something to wear so using that same mustache graphic and HTV (heat transfer vinyl) I made him a shirt. For those interested that is Modern Sans font (my favorite).  I weeded the vinyl with my hook tool and placed the words how I wanted them.  Weeding is just a fancy name for getting rid of the vinyl you do not want or that is not part of your overall design.

Mustache Shirt | Lil Mrs Tori

Using my iron I pressed and pressed the vinyl on the shirt.

Mustache Shirt

Once the vinyl can be separated from the clear transfer plastic I press again with a thin cloth over the design. I do this a couple of times with cool time in between.

Mustache Shirt for One Year Old

I also worked in Illustrator and made her up a quick printable that matches the shirt.

Mustache Printable

You can print out your copy here: If You Mustache Printable

Mustache Template

I am also including the mustaches I drew in Illustrator. For those of you with out a Silhouette you can download these and make your own banners or mustache straws.

You can download the template here: Mustache Template