Hi Friends!

About two weeks ago I headed down to the Craft and Hobby Association’s (CHA) Mega Show.  It was such a blast.  I was invited by Plaid to attend a breakfast and to have a tour of all their new products hitting the store shelves this year. Let me tell you friends, I am excited!

Glossy Mod Podge

I saw “Glossy”. She was their welcoming everyone to breakfast. She was dressed fabulously with a boa and heels!

First up, was meeting Rachel from Handmade Charlotte.  I was so excited to meet her!

Rachel handmade Charlotte

She took us over and we got to try out her new stencils.


It’s not everyday that you get to craft with the designer of the stencil. It was such a fun moment!

We embellished some silk scarves using Folk Art Multipurpose paint. Only dabbing just a little onto the scarf.  A little goes a long way with a thin silk scarf. I love how mine turned out!

Handmade Charlotte Stenciled Scarf

handmadecharolette booth plaid crafts

Here we all are hanging out with Rachel!

Next up was Ed Roth with his new line of stencils called Stencil 1.

Stencil1 Ed Roth

I love the geometric lines and detail that his stencil line offers. So these work in a 3 step process. First, you start with your background stencil. That would be that honeycomb pattern you see under the bee. The next stencil would be the silhouette of the bee. The final step would be the black detail of the bee. Pretty awesome, right? That is fool proof art right there. Just looking at the catalog of stencil designs has my head dreaming up all the different things I could make. Just take a look for yourself.

Folk Art Stencils Ed Roth

The scallop pattern is calling my name!! These stencils will be coming out in March.

Next up, chalk paint.

Home Decor Chalk

That’s right, you read that right! Chalk Paint! I am so excited about this. I could just kick myself because I didn’t take any pictures of the furniture they had painted. I think I was too excited. It happens! 🙂 It was gorgeous and the colors!! Oh my! They have so many to offer. It is water based paint so you can paint in a closed room without the smell. I am already putting furniture aside to paint.  Now to just decide on a color! This won’t be out until April.


Next up, needlework on wood!

Wooden Needlework

These were so neat. They were small pieces of wood with pre-punched holes. Then as you would with regular needleworking embellish away. These would be a great addition to a present or to stick on a wreath. These won’t be out until July.

cross stitch patterns

Cross stitch and I go way back. This was the first craft I remember doing. I would sit at my great grandma’s and stitch away the afternoon. Now, they didn’t have these super cute patterns when I was little!! I just love the Make A Splash one! It would be so sweet in a little girl’s room. These fun cross stitch patterns will be available in March.

Amazing new products, huh?! Which one is your favorite?